Monday, July 28, 2008

The Dark Knight...ZZZzz

Sad and disappointed with The dark Knight..disappointed is not because of the plot of the movie, the sound system or the actors are not nice..It is because of the other external factors which cause it to be very disappointed..

Here are the reasons listed :

1) Asked a help from my fren to buy the movie tickets but she bought the seats wrongly..

2)wana buy pop corn but they said they d out of the cups..

3) While watching the movie, the guy sitting in front of me is so tall. He cover quarter of the
screen and I need to sit till very straight just be able to see the screen fully.
Furthermore, Worried being scolded by the ppl at the back as I sit till very tall, i have to
move my head slanting to one side to see the screen clearly and this make my neck very
very pain.

4) Bought the 1140pm movie. Fall asleep halfway while watching the shows because i am too
tired d. Since school reopen i almost sleep at 12pm every night. So i missed the middle part of
the movie..a bit sad..

5) when i wake up, my contact lenses are very dry as i d wore it whole day. So its very
uncomfortable for me..

Due to all these external factors, it really mekes me feel very sad..dunno how to say..dunno wat words can describe my mood after watching it..

Friday, July 25, 2008

Big girls dun cry ~*

I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you. Tell yourself that don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened. ~* Big girls dun cry..There's always going to be people that hurt you so what you have to do is keep on trusting and just be more careful about who you trust next time around.

Hope that a bottles of Chivas will make u yourself feel better for that moments with all your friends surounding u...

Add oil yea !!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shopping is so so so so fun..haha...10.07.08

~~ Girls like to doubt..dunno since when i also become part of this group..oops..Today went for shopping..Is the Megasales seasons all over the Malaysia..This morning i went to Levis store..saw a lot of sales last i decided to bought a pair of jeans and skirt ! oh my god..40 % leh..its quite a lot lo..Normal price item normally i " bu she de " buy de..cause its really kinda expensive lo..A pair of jeans cost u rm300 to rm500..=.="

Specially like the design at the pocket..hehe..

since it is having sales now, so i decided pampered myself with it..haha..then must add oil study lo..hehe..reason for myself after feeling guilty for shopping too teruk..

Besides, i also met Yoga 林宥嘉 there.He looked taller compare to Tv..haha.. The 988 are having a live interview with him at the main door outside gurney plaza.Yoga looked tired, seems he havent get enough sleep.However, he did sing us a short part of his new song. Not bad.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Back to UNI life...confusing..

Back to School d !! really dun wish that my holidays end so sad..missing all my friends at Penang.. First week of uni, mostly still hanging around, the stupid timetable..keep on changing non stop..somemore we are having class till 10.30 PM evey friday..sein nia..i wana back to penang also cannot !! wats the stupid timetatble..dun understand why are they arranging such timetable..sein diao !!

Then here come another story :
Our big fat lecturer let us choose the time slot for his subject. He gave us 2 options for the time slot. First, monday 5pm - 7pm then thurs 8am - 10am. Afterthat he let us vote for that. Eventually there are more of us choosing 8AM - 10 PM.. Then u know wat..he said something..he asked us do u all know wat is kuasa vito ?? means he have the absolute power to do everything he wants..due to his laziness and lazy to wake up so early in the morning, he used his kuasa vito and said tht he wants the class to be hold on monday 5pm - 7pm..

If it is like that, they why does him wants us to vote since the begining ? whats the point asking us to vote d then cancelled it ?? Totally sweat with his this suppose to happen on a lecturer?

NONSENSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SteamBoat at Caryn house 27.06.07

LOng time din go to Caryn's house d snce last year we decided to have a small gathering at her place..we went to tesco buy everything and the most important thinh, i helped her to cook the soup o..although is just some simple ajinomoto anf tomyam paste, but i got add a lot tomato, some tom yam leaves, vege, corn, mushroom lo..make the soup more nice..haha..

Glad to meet back see ting that day..the one sitting in front, the right one with curly hair de..she was my classmate in year means that i know her for more than 10 years d..she is still the same, so prerty and nice..unlike me, growing fatter and FATTER..aiyo..

sze ern(sitting on the left) -- my buddy as well, say everything out straightly..she won keep anything inside her heart..if she feel that she should say like that then she just say it..i like this kind of ppl..remember when she 1st saw @someone@, she actually nearly killed him with the words..haha..but i like it..hard to find such ppl in this world d..many ppl nowadays are like treating u good in front of u..but at the back, we will never know wat they did to u..(proven) u yea gals..u also must add oil in ur studies and relationship o..hugs..

Poh yoon (sharene) know her since form5..she also become prettier and prettier..She is one of my best fren also..she really help me a lot a lot..understanding my situation when i faced any problem..Thanks yea girl for being such considerate and helpfull..I really really appreciate the friendship between us o..Thanks for everything u have done..Thanks..wish u good luck in acca and ur jod lo..most important,

haha..everyone have different emotion here..
poh yoon --> cute
ca ryn --> taking the advertisement for sunsilk..haha..
sze ern --> 沉思的女人
see ting --> oops, i havent realy yet la..
me --> ?? ?? sedang set camera..

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

DOwn DOwn Down

Haiz..all of the sudden feel i am like an old aunty..everyday haiz haiz haiz..but once i think that i am gonna go back to KL feel so sad bout it..
i love my penang kia all of them..the happiness u all bring to me were great, irreplaceale by others. Thanks god who give me this opportunity to meet with all of u guys..I love u all..really really love u all o..always there when i am down..words cant describe how much i love u all..

Dunno y, just feel that there are so many things in my mind..tonnes of it, make me cant breath sometimes..Dunno who to talk to, who can solve my problem and sometimes i dun even know what is my problem actually..but i have decided something today !! not to treat the person who hurt u so good to prevent u yourself from being hurt again..sometimes u treat ppl using ur true heart but not everyone will apperciate it..thaks joe for the commemt and conversation..i did understand something from it..Muaks..

Thanks my dear friend for calling me yesterday..although i tried to tell u something bout theose prob i faced, but dunno how to start it also..its really too hard to say it out like irrelavant to the topic we are talking also.haha.. furthermore phone bill very expensive lo..haha..
anyway ur call did make me feel better lo..Thanks for that..but when u come back to penang jiu cam d..cause i surely got many story to tell u again de lo..haha..must recover soon from ur sprained shoulder o..
seems u undergo the few seconds de "death" fun o at pulau batam..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Working at G HOTEL 13.06.06 - 15.06.08

BEauty Penang 2008 ~* @ G hotel

The 2 months sem break, I have done quite a lot of things i guess..Beside wake up, sleeping, buy dvd, watching dvd, eating, meeting my friends, shopping, spending money, i also went to work at G HOTEL with kheng wee, choo hoe, fish, see khoon, see nuan, meow..haha..

The three days at the fair is not that easy..We work from 10am to 8pm everyday..Supposingly we should have 1 hour lunch break but due to shortage of staffs, we only can "ta pao" and eat inside the guest room in the hotel.After that we need to continue our job again. We are like helping them with those registration stuffs and security things.

At the entrance -- the security job..haha..of course, i am just acting..
pity kheng wee and see khoon, they need to stand whole day at the entrance..

Due to we hiam the salary is too low as it is only rm50 per day, we were requesting for some additonal salay for it..but..of course we din succeed. At last we were only able to ask the TAUKE for a free lunch..haha..can imagine the TAUKE need to buy lunch for us ? Although its just the chicken rice from The chicken rice shop.

The fish spa ~~

The fair is about beauty de things at the last day of work, we get to enjoy the fish spa..without paying 1 cents of money also..The fish spa at first u will feel very "geli" as the fish eating your dead skin cell on your feets but after finishing it, u will feel that your skin is just like the baby's skin...haha..provided u must tahan "geli" lo..if not........

Enjoying the Fish Spa..but duno siapa is that photographer, din include the fish and my legs..He or She is only..."CONCENTRATE on ME" !!! haha..k la..i know u gonna vomit d la...just some effect ma..let u all laugh...