Monday, July 28, 2008

The Dark Knight...ZZZzz

Sad and disappointed with The dark Knight..disappointed is not because of the plot of the movie, the sound system or the actors are not nice..It is because of the other external factors which cause it to be very disappointed..

Here are the reasons listed :

1) Asked a help from my fren to buy the movie tickets but she bought the seats wrongly..

2)wana buy pop corn but they said they d out of the cups..

3) While watching the movie, the guy sitting in front of me is so tall. He cover quarter of the
screen and I need to sit till very straight just be able to see the screen fully.
Furthermore, Worried being scolded by the ppl at the back as I sit till very tall, i have to
move my head slanting to one side to see the screen clearly and this make my neck very
very pain.

4) Bought the 1140pm movie. Fall asleep halfway while watching the shows because i am too
tired d. Since school reopen i almost sleep at 12pm every night. So i missed the middle part of
the movie..a bit sad..

5) when i wake up, my contact lenses are very dry as i d wore it whole day. So its very
uncomfortable for me..

Due to all these external factors, it really mekes me feel very sad..dunno how to say..dunno wat words can describe my mood after watching it..

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